Sweet Pickles

Sometimes called ‘refrigerator pickles’ because they must be kept in the ‘frig, these are the best sweet pickles I’ve ever eaten, and I’ve eaten plenty in my day.They remind me of the homemade ones the family cooks of my childhood used to make.

If I ate too many, my grandma would tell me my blood would dry up, which scared me for about a second and then I was right back at the pickle dish when she wasn’t looking.

These old fashioned gems also are yummy chopped up as a relish for burgers and dogs.


                                                            Sweet Pickles

1- 24 or 32 oz. jar of dill pickles

2  1/2 cups sugar

2/3 cup vinegar

1/4 cup water

Throw away dill pickle juice. Rinse pickles. Slice into 1 inch pieces. Put slices back in the jar.

Bring sugar, vinegar and water to a rolling boil.

While hot, slowly and carefully pour over pickles, completely covering them.

Put jar lid back on. (I like to cross out ‘dill’ on the label with a sharpie marker and on the lid write ‘sweet’ and the date they’ll be ready.) and on the lid.

Let stand in refrigerator for 1 week before serving (it’s worth the wait).

Store in the refrigerator.

“Pickles make any meal a picnic” 

Mz. Bee