4th of July, A Long Time Ago

Someone who knew my mom was getting rid of an old photo album. It had been passed down a few generations. That person didn’t recognize too many faces but thought some of the men looked like my mom’s relatives so they gave it to her. She and I looked through it and while most of the people she couldn’t recall, there were many pictures that included her thick mop-haired uncles and their wives. In this photo the man on the left is definitely a relative. Her dad came from a large family of mostly boys. We guessed the album had belonged to one of her uncles. This is the first of many pictures I want to show you from that old album. They’re different from many I’ve seen from that era. This group loved to play and pose for the camera. There’s nothing stiff or serious about them. My mom has told me stories about her high spirited, trick playing uncles so I wasn’t too surprised. This 4th of July picture is mild mannered, but in future posts you’ll see what I mean. I like to think the man on the bike had been riding around the farmyard waving the flag singing Yankee Doodle.