Dishes From the Farm


There are only a few chipped, glued together plates and a teapot left from the set of everyday dishes that our family used for many years.

My mom bought them at a hardware store in the mid-1940’s when she was first married. Made by Blue Ridge Southern Potteries, Inc., this is the Mayflower pattern.

my mom

My mom, Bernice, could put supper in the oven, go out to the pasture to bring the cows home, grab the sheets off the clothesline and go back to the house to set the table for supper. Of coarse, putting a clean apron on in the kitchen. All with small children at her heels. This is what all those farm wives did. There were lots to do and they just did what had to be done. One minute they’d be using a beat up old pail while helping in the barn and the next be serving afternoon coffee with pretty cups and saucers.

pretty dish

By the time by parents had sold the farm and we moved into town, this set was replaced by a new one. Sometimes a plate or two would be used, but as the years went by they were seen less and less. Countless servings of fresh green beans and sliced tomatoes from the garden, tender roast beef, cabbage salad, boiled dinner, hot baking power biscuits, mom’s plum jelly, fried potatoes, Swedish almond rusks and homemade apple pie were eaten off of these plates. Lucky dishes.