Final Words From This Little Lady

Things have changed.

I’d been so busy with other creative projects, new ideas and going in other directions that it came easy for me.

 I am looking forward to moving on.

It was a big year. My mom passed away, (read ‘On This Day‘), I was ill for a month, I went on two trips, and got involved in a family history project. This left little time for blogging.  

I love to write and have enjoyed sharing here since my first post ‘My Dandelion Yard,’ back in 2012. This has been a great place for my writing and photography (with my ordinary old camera). I’ve learned so much about blogging and will continue to blog elsewhere where my focus is on vintage…my passion!!

I’ve shifted my efforts to other things. That’s life. I’m sure you understand. But before I button up this blog I wanted to bring to light some of my favorites and also allow readers to have one last scroll through my posts. (NOTE: to read these posts and others, go to the ARCHIVES section on the right-hand margin OR the bottom of this page, and click on the title.)


A Is For Amazing

Halloween 1961

The Current

My Dad

Dishes From the Farm


Visits at friend’s homes in: Christmas At Kim’s, A Very Missy Christmas, Barbara’s House of Color, Art, and Love, and Ellie’s House.

See my travels in: Maasai Morning and My Spring Break On The Italian Riviera (With A Busload Of Teens).

See my personal story of faith in: Season of Joy and I Did Not Go To Church Today

Go back to the 1960s in: Weddings, The Way They Used To Be, Summers Outside, Salad Luncheon Days and Through The Lilac Grove.

Good summer reads are: Blood, Sweat and Ice Cream Cones and Adventure At The Yellow House.


Thank you for visiting my blog today and in the past!


You can contact me at

 I’d love to hear from you.


Goodbye and best of everything to you!



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