Faces From Long Ago

My mom was very good to write the names and dates on the backsides of all the family photos. This was back when you took the film out of the camera and brought it to the drug store to be developed. Now days when I pour over these pictures from my past, I know who’s who just by flipping the picture over. One shows me and my grandma in a church basement. I have no memory of being there. On the back my mom wrote that we were at ‘Margie’s wedding in June, 1963 in Duluth’. The names of the man sitting next to my grandma and a little girl next to me are included. Thank you, mom!

Up until a few years ago I lovingly placed pictures in photo albums. On the backsides I wrote the names of each person in the photo and the year. But since I’ve been storing family pictures on the computer, I’ve become lazy at printing them out and documenting who, what, where and when. I need to get back to doing that. Some day, when I’m long gone, my photo albums will hopefully belong to someone who’ll enjoy them and appreciate the name and date information.

I have many family photos from a few generations ago, (before my mom’s day), that have no writing to indicate who’s in them. I wish I knew who these folks were. Are they family or friends? What’s my connection to them? 

Here are a few of the women from those old family photos. They may be family or they may be friends of the family. I have no names for any of them. But each women had a first and last name, and each snapshot is a few seconds of her life.

This dark haired cutie looks so calm in this candid shot. I wonder if this is my great grandmother. There are very few pictures of her in her younger years.  I was told she always had her hair fixed.

girl sitting on ground

A lady plays guitar in the orchard.  lady with parlor guitar

I hope one of these strong women is a relative of mine. They look very pleased. I’m thinking there was a good turnout for the rally. I like that they wanted to pose next to the cannonballs. Girl power.girl power

I wonder if they’re mother and daughter or sisters or what the relationship is. The lass on the right has such a sweet smile. She looks like someone I’d like to know.skirt blowin in the wind

I love everything about this picture.  The woman standing on the rock looking out to the north woods lake. She’s holding her hat so it won’t blow away. Her adorable ruffled dress has me thinking she was on a Sunday outing. 

coast is clear

This gal has her work clothes and hat on for helping with chores in the barn. She must be a cat lover to take a few minutes to play with the litter of kittens. They must be house cats, because there is no such thing as a clean white barn cat.
here kitty kitty

Dear faces from the old family photo albums, even though you are long gone and we don’t know your names, we still see your smiles and remember your lives.