Small Flame, Big Impact

Northern Minnesota is having one very cold winter this year. On a recent morning, at 21 below zero, the car didn’t start in spite of being plugged in all night. I had to take the bus. Waiting at the bus stop was brutal in a windchill of 40 below. I made it to work without frostbite, and I made it back home at the end of the day with the car ready to go when needed. (It ended up needing a new battery.)

Something I’ve always liked to do on cold, dark evenings is have as few lights on in the house as possible, and live mostly by candlelight. Driving by my house it looks like nobody is home. Since there is no fireplace in the yellow house, candles will have to do, and they do just fine. There’s something that draws me in to a nice fire, even the tiny flame of a candle. It’s small but it is fire.

candlesIf you group lots of candles together, it becomes a sort of mock fireplace. True, there’s no crackling sound, but the flame is there, and it’s very calming.

 I’ve collected small candles and set them in teacups. Others burn in several twig covered candle holders my daughter made for me.

small flamesSome of the teacups are small, espresso sized. A blue and white one I found in Romania, and a pink one with a couple minuet dancing,  from The Czech Republic. This small ‘fireplace’ is grouped together on an old serving platter.

shabby chic candle idea In our busy lives, it’s sometimes good to allow ourselves to step back from the fast paced world. It’s as easy as surrounding ourselves in a simple calm. It doesn’t take much money or effort. An evening like this now and then can relax and renew us. A simple flame can do so much. I have my favorite TV shows and always have lots to do around the house, but now and then, my simple winter tradition of low lighting, (and volume levels way down or off), is what I really need. I still might read or do something low key, but just providing myself with the calm of the candlelight is an instant stress reliever. When I think back to the start of my ‘taking the bus to work day’ in it’s scramble to get to work and standing outside in the blasting cold… yes, a little flame burning at the end of the day goes a long way. And how about that…my house looks so clean in the candlelight! 

twigs and teacups

never leave burning candles unattended