Winter continues to overtake Minnesota. We are told there could be up to 12 inches of new snow. This on top of the already several feet we have. It began to fall this afternoon. Tonight while we sleep it will continue on. In the morning we will wake up to everything white and the city in slow motion.

No crows in the trees this afternoon. They’re hunkering down where ever it is that crows do that. 


The red roses from Valentine’s Day will be ready to retire in the next day or so, but they still add some color to my white and gray world.

 In the winter, the shoveling and driving are not my favorite, but when I’m home and am able to look outside at the winter action, I really love living here. Six months from now I’ll be barefoot when I go outside to water the flowers. Today when I went in the backyard to take pictures, the snow was over my knees.  It’s all temporary. Flowers come and go. So does the snow.