My 99 Cent Winter Coat

Have you ever worn something that complete strangers tell you how much they like it? This winter if I had a nickel for every time a woman complimented me on my black and white coat, why I’d have more money then I even paid for the thing. “I love your coat”, “What a great coat!” is what I’ve heard. I bought it for 99 cents at a thrift store. I usually wear it over a long gray cardigan sweater, add an animal print scarf,  favorite sunnies and I’m ready for anything, except the fashion police, who don’t live in my city, thankfully. 

Here I am this morning on my way to work. I’m standing in the driveway. Notice there’s no car in the driveway? It’s parked at the bottom of the hill which was much too slippery to drive up yesterday. I know.. the pants tucked into my boots is so bad, and I don’t mean “bad’ in the cool sense of the word. Where I come from, keeping warm and dry is way more important than looking good.

off to work

backside of the hill



The coat was made in Canada, where they know about coats. I’ve searched to find this company and had no luck. Have you ever heard of this line?

seasons coat-Canada

Seasons-made in Canada


There’s just something about the leopard print with the Canadian wolf and pine trees that I like…and my adult kids just roll their eyes. (Hey wait, THEY are the fashion police.) When it’s cold, I really don’t care that I look like I’m going down the mountain to get cornmeal and supplies. I just want to be warm. And when strangers drool over my coat, it reminds me of the best 99 cents I ever spent! When I wear it without the old cardigan and don’t tuck in the pants it looks much better. Now if I could just find a 99 cent snowmobile.

east meets north

east meets north