We’re All In This Together

49 of our 50 states have had snow in recent days. Florida is the only non-snowed state. Being that I live in northern Minnesota, well, needless to say, today I woke up to several more inches of the white, cold stuff. 

I’ve become speedy at putting on several layers of winter wear, trudging outside to clean snow off the car windows while I unplug the car heater, all in 3 minutes flat. I keep a sled in the car for those snow and ice days when I have to park at the bottom of the steep hill we live on and need to carry groceries up the hill to the yellow house. Every winter we keep extra coffee, chocolate, canned goods and TP just in case we get snowed in. Winter is a good time to clean out closets and hit the mending pile too. Here in Minnesota we’re used to hard winters, but to those in the south who aren’t ready for them, my heart goes out to you. Driving and living in the snow and cold is rough. If I lived in the south, one reason would be to escape the snow. We’re all in this together this year.


more snow

At the edge of our yard is a wooded city park, left wild. From our yard, looking to the north you’d never know we’re urban dwellers. This is what you see.


snow at the yellow house


Like anything else in life, I try to look at the good things….count my blessings. So when I am sick of winter I need to stop and remind myself that nature holds amazing beauty in this season, and I get to enjoy it from my warm home. Have you ever been outside during or right after a fresh snow fall? There’s a quiet that is powerful and a stillness that is peaceful. It’s hard to explain. You have to be in it to understand it. The quiet and the cold go hand in hand but they will lead us to a warm and colorful spring. Until then, curl up with a good read and a warm beverage. I hope warmth and sunshine comes soon for us ALL!