The Ladies’ Home Journal, June 1927

I  love old magazines. My friend found a gem for me. The June 1927 issue of ‘The Ladies’ Home Journal’. The cover is missing but the rest of the magazine is all there. I store it on the top shelf of my closet. I look through it every once in awhile. I like the fashions of the 1920’s when my grandma was a young mom and my own mom was just a kid. When I look through it, I wonder if my grandma read this issue years ago. She always enjoyed reading women’s magazines.

It covers everything that women like to read about today; fashion, beauty, famous women, taking care of loved ones, striving for smooth skin, and a good love story.

It’s too big to fit in our scanner so I had to take pictures of it. But I think you’ll still get a good idea of this wonderful old read.












Even though the way of life and the styles have changed over time, all women of all times want the same thing. They all want to be their best, live a life that is interesting and enjoyable and most of all, to be loved. Some things will never change.