More of My Fufu Closet

Here is more of my ‘new’ girly girl fluffy closet. And believe me, my hubby is so glad his clothes are not in this space. I gave him all the plastic hangers and a leftover dresser for his ‘new’ closet off the spare room. But don’t feel bad for him. He hasn’t even noticed yet…and he is very much liking his own space. Win win!

 First I took everything out of MY closet and cleaned. Then, I bought a room darkening shade to keep the sunlight from fading my wardrobe. There are built in wooden shelves, and I added an old chair, old suitcases and a hat box for additional storage. I have my one copy of Italian Vogue and a 1927  Ladies Home Journal in the top shelf display along with other pretty odds and ends that never really had a home before. I love the mix of the old chipped wooden box with the 4 inch animal print heels. 

On this very cold winter morning, it was oh so nice to stand on my new fuzzy white rug while I got dressed. The rug was brand new, but on sale. Everything else is second hand. I hope you like my shabby chic vintage fufu closet.

shabby chic closet


vintage closet


white chair


top shelf storage






sunglasses holder


vintage hangers


One of the best things about my closet project was getting rid of  clothes and shoes that I don’t wear anymore and giving them away to those in need. This time of the year there is a great need for coats. Look for “coat drives” to donate warm winter wear. Any suits or office wear you don’t need, can go to a women’s shelter in your area to help women joining the workforce. If something doesn’t work for you pass it along. If something does work for you, live with it and enjoy it!