Little Lady’s Yellow Home Office

My home office is the smallest room in the house. To some, it may look like a closet, but to me because it has a window and a closet, it’s a real room. It’s close to the kitchen and living room so I can have an old movie on and something cooking on the stove while I work here. Since it’s a small area I have to be good about keeping the paper and junk from taking over…and sometimes it does. I tend to be a clutter bug, so in order to work here I first need to keep it in organized. (The one time I had everything is apple pie order I snapped these pictures.) Everything is handed down, a gift,  from a thrift store or the sale bin. Interesting boxes and baskets hold craft projects. Favorite items are on display. I was happy when I found  farm-house yellow paint,  free! from a waste and recycling place. 

vintage home office


repurposed old door


faded white


old pictures


storage and display


sheer hanky on lamp








So call it a home office, a studio, girl cave or a nest but everyone needs space to create, dream, think in quiet or spend some time in prayer. It doesn’t matter if it’s a comfy chair by a window or a high end streamline loft overlooking the city. It’s good to have someplace that you can call your own. I hope you have your place.