Password Keeper – Vintage Style

It’s not only handy, but it makes sense to keep all your internet passwords and web addresses in one place. From your banking to shopping sites, keeping this information written down is important. Instead of buying a new organizer, why not use a beautiful old book.

old bookFind one that isn’t valuable. You don’t want to be writing in a rare book or one that a family member holds dear, even though this idea won’t damage the book.

website address book There are usually a few blank pages in the back of a book. If not, use the inside back or front cover.

use for old booksWrite your web info in pencil. This makes it easy to make changes if needed.

password log bookAny book will do as long as it has enough empty space for your personal web notes. If you have a lot of web info you may need more than one book. Use one for business and another for shopping sites.

web address book, vintage styleWrite down any information that you need to keep track of; web addresses, user names, passwords, security questions, etc. No one will ever guess what’s in the back of the old book.

web infoAnd if your high tech computer locks up and you’re waiting for it to get up and running,  you can always look through the old book. You may find it’s not just handy dandy, but it’s actually a book worth reading.

I love old stuff.