The Old Cook Book

Stored in a plastic bag, I keep an old recipe book once belonging to my Grandma. There is no cover, and every time I look at it, another piece crumbles off of what is left of this aged pile of pages.

grandma's cookbookShe lived in the Duluth, Minnesota-Superior, Wisconsin area during the first part of her married years, about 1920-1930.

old pages

It looks to be a recipe book compiled by the local women of a church or community group. I enjoy looking at any local cookbook. Old or new, they always feature tried and true recipes of everyday cooks.

This one has ads for local businesses.

duluth news tribune


modern cafe

In this old book, you’ll notice the foods people used to eat are not as common today.

old recipes


prune whipThis was the time when most women used their Mrs. name. The use of a first name may indicate a single lady.

sandwich ideas

Oven temps and baking time are not always included in the recipe.

rock cookies


Here’s a recipe for Macaroni Loaf and it sounds pretty good to me.

macaroni loaf




In memory of the cooks featured in this post.