Home Ideas For Summer

Fifty years ago hardware stores were nothing big or fancy, just places to buy the basic items such as hinges, screws, paint, tools and toasters. Even in the big city, hardware stores were not like those we have today with the huge pre-made, pre-fab, plastic inventory. Anything bigger than a bread box that wasn’t in the Sears or Wards catalog, would have to be built by yourself. If the Mrs. wanted a planter, the Mr. had to make it. If the kids wanted a sandbox, daddy built it. Birdhouses to recreation rooms in the basement, were all homemade. A trip to the local hardware store and the lumberyard would be the first step.

I came across “Home Ideas” by Craft Patterns of Elmhurst, Illinois. This old catalog is full of great patterns for about 50 cents- $1.00 each.  There are patterns for telephone shelves, window seats, spice shelves, play houses and garages. I didn’t see a printing date, but judging by the photos, it looks to be the early 60’s…the girl models dress just like my older sisters and their friends did at that time.

kook out


waiting for cheerleading practice

What about this ROUND-THE-TREE SEAT. Built in two easily moved sections, it’s no hindrance when mowing the lawn. A perfect place to sit and wait for a ride to the root beer stand.



useful cartGardening is so much easier with this UTILITY LAWN CART. It also doubles as a baby buggy, at a different time.

rocking moon toyCalled the ROCKING MOON TOY, this should not be played with for at least an hour after eating a meal. Could be really fun or really dangerous for kids who live on a hill.

don't try this at homeFor the adults, it’s an OUTBOARD MOTOR SKI-BOARD. Hang on, is all I can say.

camperYes, folks used to build their own campers. This SPORTSMAN TRAILER is made from plywood. The plans include a kitchenette and space for a rifle.