Barbara’s House of Color, Art and Love

Barb and I have been good friends since we were kids. A big hearted, generous, fun person, she and her husband have an open door home where anyone who wants or needs a place to land, animals included, are all welcomed. The coffee is always on. Gentle dogs welcome you like a long lost friend. The home is lively with the sound of  laughter, music and youngsters. Barb has a beautiful singing voice, can cook and bake like the best and is also an artist .

Welcome to Barbara’s.

happy home

The sun in always shining in her happy yellow kitchen. All the artwork is by her hand.big house, yellow kitchen

happy kitchenThere is no wallpaper in this house. Everything was created by Barbara.

cartoon still life

One of a kind hand painted wall designs. one of a kind

It took her about 5 hours of work to create this wallpapered-looking room.


 Vivid colors surround you in this home. A painting by friend, Fizz, hangs in the living room.

color my world

Interesting objects collected over the years fill every corner. Vintage furniture invites you to sit awhile for a and things

Look close. You can see the bird posing for the camera.bird and plant

Come back sometime.

a very nice dogIn memory of Maizie.