Easter Party Like It’s 1935

Childrens' Party Book

The “Childrens’ Party Book” was written by Cornelia Staley with the A.E.Staley Mfg. Co., of Decatur, Illinois,  and printed in 1935. It features ideas for holiday and birthday parties. Well done illustrations! This book belonged to my mother in law.

Here’s a look at the Easter Party ideas.

Easter Party

Invites, games and menu suggestions. Everything you need to plan a swell party.

Easter party

vintage Easter party

Amazing how mother has a room packed with kids playing several different games at one time and no one’s crying or fighting. hunting for eggsNot sure if the kid with his head on the floor is having a fit or looking for eggs… I’m sure he’s looking for eggs because in this book everything is good and calm in the illustrations. That’s one reason why I like to pour over old children’s books where I can get lost in another time and place!

Easter menu

While the simple party menu would be yummy (see the very bottom of the menu), it doesn’t include the Assorted Easter Sandwiches….and the sandwich with the cream cheese and jelly sounds really good to me. Recipe is below.Easter eats

Flower Pots

Notice for the Flower Pots, the ice cream is homemade, (the recipe is in the back of the book), and they are garnished with chocolate decorettes, a word I don’t hear nowadays and my spell check doesn’t accept.

1935 mom

Hooray for mother! She looks great, made the ice cream herself, pulled off a grand party and trained the rabbit to stand on the table for the afternoon holding ribbons.

In future posts we’ll take more peeks into this delightful book.

Happy Easter.