Ideas For Old Clip Earrings

Over the years, I’ve accumulated plenty of old clip earrings from family jewelry boxes and thrift stores. Here are a few ways to re-purpose these pretty pieces.

 old clip earrings


I wanted to do something special with the earrings that once belonged to my Grandma Esther (Gram-in-town).

grandma's earrings

She was a seamstress, gardener and a fine cook. I gathered old lace, that may actually have been hers, buttons, a recipe written in her handwriting, an old card from the scrapbook and her jewelry to make this memory jar.

memory jar

A broken rhinestone pineapple earring has become a crown for her tiny flute playing angel.

flute playing angel

Clip earrings help frame the photo of grandma. This is how I remember her.

Grandma Esther



Another idea is to use them for a tea party or birthday table.

vintage table

 name card holder



My friend gave me this sweet refrigerator magnet. To make one: remove the clip and sandpaper smooth the backside then hot glue earring to a round magnet.

frig earring-magnet