A Winter Evening

I like to take a walk in the evenings no matter what time of the year. In the winter I put on my no nonsense jacket, an ugly but warm hat, a pair of gloves (or two, if it’s below zero),  a favorite black scarf and snow boots with ice grippers then head out into the evening air.

evening street

Darkness arrives about suppertime in the winter so there’s no sunlight for my evening stroll. The street lights cast a soft glow on the snow covered ground really brightening up the neighborhood.

winter yard

winter night sky

Part of my walk goes by houses and part goes past a wooded area.  If the sky is cloudless the moon shines bright through the leafless trees.  This evening it was cloudy. It’s not uncommon to see deer, fox or raccoon. Twice I’ve seen black bear.

snow garden

Solar lights in my snow garden.

winter yard

The planter from my home place is in snow-bloom.


Back home, off with the arctic apparel and time to sit by the fire. Since my house doesn’t have a fireplace, I use the next best thing, lots of candles grouped together. It’s not a roaring fire that crackles and heats the room, still I’ve found that no lights, TV or computer on while curled up on the sofa with only the fire from this tray, is very calming. I highly recommend it.

my fireplace

I found these cups at a second hand store for only $1.99 for all 12 of them. I filled each one with a tea light and placed the group on a wooden tray from my aunt Lorraine.

teacup candle