Bundled Up For Winter, A Long Time Ago.

Looking through old family photo albums, I came across these pictures of winter wear from the past. (I suggest you click on each photo to enlarge and get a good look at the fashions.) Snow and cold was just a part of life. Winters in Minnesota can hover around the zero degrees mark.

winter groupAbove, my grandma Esther is on the far left, wearing a black coat. My mother is front and center wearing a dark wool coat with a fur collar.. and bare legs wearing just anklets.

winter girlHere is my mom when she was 20 years old. She’s certainly not going out to help in barn wearing this neat wool jacket and white mittens. Maybe she’s going to a church ‘young people’s’ meeting. Notice the white kitty in her own fur coat, climbing up the tree.

trio in the snowNo names or date for this photo, and I don’t recognize the faces, but my guess is the late 19-teens. I love the hats.

Ms fur coatThis fur coat looks very heavy and very warm. The hat is fur too. A large decorative button sits low on the waist. I believe she’s wearing overshoes, not boots. Again a picture with no name just the date, 1926. In another picture of this same woman in the same outfit, she’s standing in front of a Svenska (Swedish) Lutheran Church.

ski timeI just love this of my grandma Esther as a teenager, cross country skiing in a wool coat over a dress. Both she and her mother could sew. Maybe one of them made this coat. Snow didn’t stop this girl from going places.


3 girls going places Here are three girls going places. The backside says ‘1.Emma works at ath.club 2.Sadie goes to college 3. Jessie office girl’. Looks to be around the WW1 years.