Christmas at Kim’s

My friend, Kim, lives in the country in a cozy, and I mean really cozy, cabin-home. The day I went to snap pictures of her Christmas decorations, it was snowing big flakes. It was a real life Christmas card.

Kim & Mike's

Happy Holidays

             When I visit here, I never want to leave.  You’ll see why..

cabin in the woods

Plenty of firewood is on hand for the long Minnesota winter.

a warm welcome

The kitchen is a mix of old and new. Big windows look out to the winter wonderland.

country kitchen

northland kitchen

I’ll sit right here and wait for Santa.

cozy corner

Hubby Mike, made the traditional Scandinavian Christmas treat, lefse and uff da, it was good!


Deck the halls.

santa tree

old man winter

deck the halls

Christmas past

Christmas future

Kim and Mike are creative in a number of ways. Both are fine musicians, involved in several bands. They did all the house remodeling work themselves. And here’s a mug Kim made.

mug by Kim

Across the room from the bed cove, is a huge window facing the backyard and cross country ski trails leading into the woods. bed cove

view from the bed cove

Stepping back outside, treasures and surprises are everywhere.

snow boat to China

girls rule!

sack of snow

French Quarter, northside

the old garage


Peace on earth.