Little Lady’s Yellow Home Office

My home office is the smallest room in the house. To some, it may look like a closet, but to me because it has a window and a closet, it’s a real room. It’s close to the kitchen and living room so I can have an old movie on and something cooking on the stove while I work here. Since it’s a small area I have to be good about keeping the paper and junk from taking over…and sometimes it does. I tend to be a clutter bug, so in order to work here I first need to keep it in organized. (The one time I had everything is apple pie order I snapped these pictures.) Everything is handed down, a gift,  from a thrift store or the sale bin. Interesting boxes and baskets hold craft projects. Favorite items are on display. I was happy when I found  farm-house yellow paint,  free! from a waste and recycling place. 

vintage home office

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Ideas For Old Clip Earrings

Over the years, I’ve accumulated plenty of old clip earrings from family jewelry boxes and thrift stores. Here are a few ways to re-purpose these pretty pieces.

 old clip earrings


I wanted to do something special with the earrings that once belonged to my Grandma Esther (Gram-in-town).

grandma's earrings

She was a seamstress, gardener and a fine cook. I gathered old lace, that may actually have been hers, buttons, a recipe written in her handwriting, an old card from the scrapbook and her jewelry to make this memory jar.

memory jar

A broken rhinestone pineapple earring has become a crown for her tiny flute playing angel.

flute playing angel

Clip earrings help frame the photo of grandma. This is how I remember her.

Grandma Esther



Another idea is to use them for a tea party or birthday table.

vintage table

 name card holder



My friend gave me this sweet refrigerator magnet. To make one: remove the clip and sandpaper smooth the backside then hot glue earring to a round magnet.

frig earring-magnet

Old Fashioned Valentines

I have several valentines that my dad, Clarence, received when he attended a country grade school back in the 1920’s. Think of The Little Rascals times, Darla and Alfalfa. But in this case Clarence and Della, Ruth, Eva and Alice.

old fashioned valentines

vintage valentines

The back sides are as cute as the fronts.

antique valentines

blunt bangs

The valentine message hasn’t changed much over the years.

be mine

valentine verse

The fold out style cards are a work of art. This one was made in Germany.


der Vogel

So sweet.

After A Long Day’s Hunt

cozy kitchenThe picture that hangs in our kitchen, once hung in my great grandparent’s front room in the late 1920’s. I’d like to know who the artist is. All I know is the title, “After A Long Day’s Hunt”. Included is the number 2284.

After A Long Day's HuntIf you know anything about this painting or the artist, please contact me. I like everything about this, from the blues and yellows to the faithful dog. I hope the artist has other work out there.

wish you were hereIt’s very calming to see this picture at the end of the day after I’ve been working and driving in the city.

Vintage Mother’s Day Card

The inside of this vintage card says, “More than the treasures of all the world is the wonderful gift of a mother’s love. The Lord bless thee, and keep thee.” My Grandma Esther gave this card to her mother around the year 1915, when Esther was a young woman. There is no company name on the card, just ‘C 49”  on the back side.

The Old Record Player

My dad was the youngest in a family of four kids. They lived a simple life in rural Minnesota. That was back in the 1920’s.


The family owned an Edison phonograph that played cylinder shaped records.

The record player and many records have been passed down to me.  Once in a while we play a few records; Everything is Hunky Dory by Collins & Harlan, That Old Gang of Mine by B. Jones & E. Hare, Be My Little Bumble Bee by Eliz. Spencer & Van Brunt, as well as fox trots and hymns.

Each record plays one song. The sound quality isn’t too bad and can be heard by all in the room.

To play a record, windup the crank on the side of the phonograph. This makes the cylinder spin. Then the needle is placed on the starting end of the record. The needle glides down the record as the song plays. When the song is over the needle has moved to the other end of the record. The above picture shows the needle on top of the record.

Every record has it’s original case.

Most of the top covers are long gone and the few remaining have been repaired with needle and thread. They took good care of their record player which was a form of entertainment during those long, cold winter evenings and lazy Sunday afternoons in the summer before there was TV.

Listening to personal music has come a long way since Scott Joplin on the player piano and The Homestead Trio on an Edison cylinder player. Flat long playing records ruled for many years spinning The Carter Family on the Victrola and later the Rolling Stones on a Hi-FI stereo.  Following came Jethro Tull on the 8 track and Buckwheat Zydeco on cassette tapes. Then came CDs with Sting and now it’s Kirk Franklin on a tiny hand held device. What next?

Easter Party Like It’s 1935

Childrens' Party Book

The “Childrens’ Party Book” was written by Cornelia Staley with the A.E.Staley Mfg. Co., of Decatur, Illinois,  and printed in 1935. It features ideas for holiday and birthday parties. Well done illustrations! This book belonged to my mother in law.

Here’s a look at the Easter Party ideas.

Easter Party

Invites, games and menu suggestions. Everything you need to plan a swell party.

Easter party

vintage Easter party

Amazing how mother has a room packed with kids playing several different games at one time and no one’s crying or fighting. hunting for eggsNot sure if the kid with his head on the floor is having a fit or looking for eggs… I’m sure he’s looking for eggs because in this book everything is good and calm in the illustrations. That’s one reason why I like to pour over old children’s books where I can get lost in another time and place!

Easter menu

While the simple party menu would be yummy (see the very bottom of the menu), it doesn’t include the Assorted Easter Sandwiches….and the sandwich with the cream cheese and jelly sounds really good to me. Recipe is below.Easter eats

Flower Pots

Notice for the Flower Pots, the ice cream is homemade, (the recipe is in the back of the book), and they are garnished with chocolate decorettes, a word I don’t hear nowadays and my spell check doesn’t accept.

1935 mom

Hooray for mother! She looks great, made the ice cream herself, pulled off a grand party and trained the rabbit to stand on the table for the afternoon holding ribbons.

In future posts we’ll take more peeks into this delightful book.

Happy Easter.

More of My Fufu Closet

Here is more of my ‘new’ girly girl fluffy closet. And believe me, my hubby is so glad his clothes are not in this space. I gave him all the plastic hangers and a leftover dresser for his ‘new’ closet off the spare room. But don’t feel bad for him. He hasn’t even noticed yet…and he is very much liking his own space. Win win!

 First I took everything out of MY closet and cleaned. Then, I bought a room darkening shade to keep the sunlight from fading my wardrobe. There are built in wooden shelves, and I added an old chair, old suitcases and a hat box for additional storage. I have my one copy of Italian Vogue and a 1927  Ladies Home Journal in the top shelf display along with other pretty odds and ends that never really had a home before. I love the mix of the old chipped wooden box with the 4 inch animal print heels. 

On this very cold winter morning, it was oh so nice to stand on my new fuzzy white rug while I got dressed. The rug was brand new, but on sale. Everything else is second hand. I hope you like my shabby chic vintage fufu closet.

shabby chic closet


vintage closet


white chair


top shelf storage






sunglasses holder


vintage hangers


One of the best things about my closet project was getting rid of  clothes and shoes that I don’t wear anymore and giving them away to those in need. This time of the year there is a great need for coats. Look for “coat drives” to donate warm winter wear. Any suits or office wear you don’t need, can go to a women’s shelter in your area to help women joining the workforce. If something doesn’t work for you pass it along. If something does work for you, live with it and enjoy it!

Victorian Shadows

An old, heavy candelabra that has been in my husband’s family for many years, now rests in our home. The candles are the originals, we are told. It sits on top of stacked antique suitcases, with a lovely old black half slip as the runner, a few twigs from the yard and an old book. Set against my grandmother’s black fur throw, this makes a lovely dark Victorian display in the front entry.

Welcome..if you dare

old candles

old black book

old black half slip-2 twigs in the house