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(I spoke at my mother’s Celebration of Life service on August 29th, 2016. Here it is.)


For the past several years my mom was living her life in a wheelchair unable to do much of anything, losing the strength to hold a book or spoon, stay awake very long or to even speak.

 This could be frustrating at times for her, this once independent, active person. And, I’m sure when she thought back to her prime years, that she found joy and satisfaction in those memories.

 Sometimes on my visits I would read from one of her old journals she’d so faithfully kept for most of her life, and we’d both marvel at how much she used to do in one day.  As her memory failed, her own written words from years past were interesting and enlightening to her.

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Vintage Mother’s Day Card

The inside of this vintage card says, “More than the treasures of all the world is the wonderful gift of a mother’s love. The Lord bless thee, and keep thee.” My Grandma Esther gave this card to her mother around the year 1915, when Esther was a young woman. There is no company name on the card, just ‘C 49”  on the back side.