Little Lady’s Yellow Home Office

My home office is the smallest room in the house. To some, it may look like a closet, but to me because it has a window and a closet, it’s a real room. It’s close to the kitchen and living room so I can have an old movie on and something cooking on the stove while I work here. Since it’s a small area I have to be good about keeping the paper and junk from taking over…and sometimes it does. I tend to be a clutter bug, so in order to work here I first need to keep it in organized. (The one time I had everything is apple pie order I snapped these pictures.) Everything is handed down, a gift,  from a thrift store or the sale bin. Interesting boxes and baskets hold craft projects. Favorite items are on display. I was happy when I found  farm-house yellow paint,  free! from a waste and recycling place. 

vintage home office

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This is May

MayThe northland winter is behind us now.

May is most welcome.

Longer days of sun have broke through…finally!

Color and warmth will soon greet each new day.




This is April

April gateSpring is Mother Nature’s firstborn. A charming child who will politely tell the snow it’s time to go then orchestrate the un-flowered buds and blades of grass to perform a jaw dropping production of vivid color, complete with a song of rain. A mother’s dream child who would be easy to boast about, it’s others who all agree that this Spring is really quite amazing. The other children, Winter, Summer and Autumn, (who also goes by the name Fall), are equally loved and appreciated for their own beauty and uniqueness, but it’s Spring who re-energizes, refreshes and encourages growth. Once a year Mother Nature welcomes this child’s visit. Each day, each hour a new blessing.


by: me


MarchMarch is the only month I can hear the growl of the snowplow and the chirp of the songbird in the same hour.

The only month I keep at hand both the shovel and the rake.

March cannot make up it’s mind.





This is November

November gate

One of these sun short days, snow will fall and take down the green lilac leaves that refuse to give up. That’s just part of the change as darkness creeps into our days earlier and earlier. It’s natural and in the end alright because as long as I have hot apple cider, a warm kitchen and evening candles, I can welcome November! 

This is October

October Gate

The birds have left, yet the leaves sing to me.

The gardens have faded, yet rich colors surround me.

Just when all I loved was suddenly gone,

I was surprised by a beautiful new song.

(By me, the little lady in the yellow house.)

This is July

gate with lilacs

this is July

In July, we don’t need to travel far to enjoy summer beauty. All we have to do is open the door and step outside.

In that moment we feel the warmth of the sun, hear the song of the bird and see the blue sky above.

One step outside, one minute to enjoy it and one word of thanks to the Creator of this summer day.

It doesn’t cost anything yet it’s priceless. It doesn’t take but a minute yet it can heal us for the day.

Take that step and that moment. It’ll be gone before we know it.






by: me